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"We enrolled our son, Keanu Atianzar in Shin-Sei Dojo Karate in Gardena, CA when he was only 5 years old. Karate has grown to be Keanu’s passion, especially under Kerry Ikehara's leadership and Theo Camacho's assistance. Keanu’s technique and form has grown dramatically from when he started just a year ago. On Keanu’s first belt test, he received a belt challenge from Kancho, which was very impressive in spite of only taking karate class for less than 5 months. Shin-Sei Dojo has taught Keanu to be more focused, to be physically and mentally stronger and the training helped boost his self-confidence.


Kerry and Theo are very professional, passionate about karate and have a kind and patient attitude towards all the kids in class. It is evident that they have so much understanding and respect for the art karate and that they enjoy sharing that same knowledge with all who study under them. We are so blessed to have Kerry and Theo as Keanu’s mentors. We are excited to see Keanu’s progress as he continues to learn under the guidance at Shin-Sei Dojo Karate."

-Ray and Donna Atianzar (Parents)

"We enrolled our son, Jacob, in Shinsei-dojo Karate class when he was seven years old. I noticed a change in his behavior when he started his Karate training. He has developed more confidence in himself. Also Jacob has improved in listening and has developed to be more mentally focused. Jacob's Instructor Kerry Ikehara Shibucho has done an excellent job training our son. We, the parents, love to see our child Jacob work out and train Karate at the Shinsei-dojo. Kerry, thank you for your excellent training and dedication to all the students."

-George Gorame (Parent)

"About a year ago I realized I needed to find a martial arts style and stick with it.  I was thirty two years old at the time and in very good shape already.  I had stopped taking martial arts on a regular basis about seven years previously. 

But even when I was regularly training in other styles I never stuck with anything that long.  I had been a wrestler in high school along with a little boxing and an all around athlete in my college years.  After numerous shoulder injuries from sports and weightlifting I took a break.  Upon getting back into shape I stayed away from weights and go into muay thai which I loved but got a hurt a lot too and didn’t stay with it for that long.  Than I went into kung fu for awhile but didn’t see any applications in real life for it.  My money dwindled out at the time and I had no money to take martial arts, my kung fu teacher didn’t work with me.  Even though I had talent, worked hard and had a real want to continue with martial arts he taught students who didn’t have that spirit due to them having money.  With muay thai and kung fu I never felt a real connection with the teacher I always felt like a number and not a real student.

So I decided to be open minded and try karate.  I looked up numerous things on traditional goju ryu karate and really liked what I saw.  I stumbled upon on shinsei dojo and Kerry ikehara.  I called and left a message and he called me back me back.  We had a decent length conversation and I told him I didn’t have a lot of money but he said he would work with me. 

At first I would come early and set up for his kid’s class, than participate with the kids than have my own class.  Setting up early was his way of seeing if I was serious.  I was for sure, I started to fall in love with the tenshin kai style as it was well rounded.  The hard, realistic combat style of it coupled with the subtleness of tai chi really works for me.

This style really teaches strength, discipline and inner peace.  You will also be taught by a teacher who you actually get to build a relationship with, who actually cares about you as a human being.  The one on one lessons couldn’t have helped me more in martial arts training, and just in my human being training in everyday life."

-Johan (Student)

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