Karate & Self Defense

We teach a blend of traditional karate and practical modern self techniques in all of our classes. Our normal class runs about an hour and consists of:

  • Kihon (Foundations of Karate)

  • Kata (Karate Forms)

  • Ippon Kumite (Sparring)

  • Practical Self Defense Techniques

In class, you should expect to experience a lifelong journey of learning and mastery. Our martial arts and self defense classes are taught by our main instructor, Sensei Kerry Ikehara, with the help of our chief Instructor, Theo Camacho. Together, they have years of experience practicing and exposing themselves to different styles of martial arts!

We also prepare all of our karate students for their belt tests, a traditional sign of progress and achievement.

Our teaching philosophy is simple, to deliver quality martial arts instruction and training. 

Tai Chi

Like our Karate classes, we want to provide you with the best possible instruction to effectively learn Tai Chi and reap the numerous benefits that come along with it. Our tai chi classes are taught by our main instructor, Sensei Kerry Ikehara, who has over 20 years of Tai Chi experience.

“The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them”

-Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings (1643)

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Gardena: 1807 W 166th St Gardena, CA 90247

West LA: WLAHC - 1710 Butler Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90025

Phone:    310 254 0624